Saturday, July 25, 2009

TERM 3: Week 2 (27 - 31 July) Reminders / Homework


• School finishes 12.00 on Wednesday due to interviews.


• Learn your spelling words for the week.
• Complete any maths homework your maths teacher has set you.
• RESEARCH - gather information for your speech topic. We will start writing speeches in class this week (THURSDAY) Make sure you are organised and ready for this.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crime Podcasts

Our Authentic Learning Journey (ALJ) fertile question for 2009 is, "What Does Justice Look Like In New Zealand Today? One of the tasks students were set was to create a podcast that told the story of a high profile NZ crime.

Here are some examples of their work. Please comment in the appropriate format ...PMI

Podcast 1 by Diego

Podcast 2 by Rebecca / Karan / Florence

Podcast 3 by Mitch / Heinrich

Friday, July 17, 2009

TERM 3: Week 1 (20 - 24 July) Reminders / Homework

Hi Room 24 - Welcome back to school!! Hope you have all had a relaxing break and are ready to get back into it ...

BTW ... I would like to thank you all for your efforts last term. You guys are great :) This term promises to be just as busy as the last. Coming up we have - Speeches / Novel Studies / ALJ - Forensic Science / Volcanoes Unit / Gymnastics etc. I would also like us to do some more podcasting as well ...


• Science Fair Projects are DUE NOW. Your teacher needs to assess your work ASAP as I'm sure many projects will be going to the hall.
• Book Fair all this week and next week until THURSDAY 30th July. Check it out.
• Safari Feet Day is this FRIDAY 24th July. Don't forget !!


• Learn your spelling words for this week.
• Complete any maths h/w your teacher may have set you.
• Your first TASK for this week is to publish on A4 an original recipe of your own. This could take the form of a "Revolting Recipe" that you started end of last term, or it could be something new. The choice is yours ...
This task is for your PORTFOLIOS, so will reflect your best effort. Your work will be assessed under the following criteria:

- Characteristics of Instructional Writing
• clearly established purpose (to instruct in how something is done)
• information is presented in a logical sequence
• use of headings, number steps, bullet points etc

- Grammatical Features
• action verbs eg; put, twist, take etc
• present tense used eg; you stir
• adverbs to say how, when, where

Don't forget to include an ILLUSTRATION and your NAME on your published work. Work is DUE Monday Week 2.

• Your second task is to create 4 dividers for your portfolios. Term 1, 2, 3, 4
• Your third task is to have thought of a speech topic by THURSDAY this week. Our language focus is speeches for the first few weeks of this term. Speeches will be written in class so it is important to follow the guidelines / deadlines etc.