Saturday, August 1, 2009

TERM 3: Week 3 (3 - 7 August) Reminders / Homework


• Your teacher is proud of all your efforts with your science fair projects :-) Congrats to Courtney and Florence!! Well done girls on getting your projects through to the Manukau Finals.
• 10 minute run will be on Thursday this week- make sure you are prepared.
• ICAS English Exam on Tuesday in Block 2.
• Our Assembly is Wk 7. Think about what you would like to do - let me know ...


• Spelling
• Maths
• Speech Writing

1 comment:

  1. Hey mr b
    how are you?????
    incase you are wondering who this is it's Amy your fave student( well i was your fave student but that was before i left..... JUST JOKING)
    how is rm 24 doing hope they are enjoying their speeches and science fair. I've already done mine and I got a merit for science fair and a merit for speeches....
    Hope to hear from you and rm 24 soon
    Miss you all!!!!!