Tuesday, September 8, 2009

TERM 3: Week 9 (14 - 18 September) Reminders / Homework


• Mufti Day and Wheels Day on MONDAY
• Bring back your KIWIATHON Sponsorship money ASAP


• Learn your spelling words.
• Complete any maths your teacher has set you.
• Narrative - In your Homework books write a short story that follows the standard narrative structure: Orientation, Complication, Series of Events, Conclusion. It must demonstrate some character development as well. Don't forget to include some dialogue as well. Your story will be a crime mystery of some description to tie in with our ALJ. It will be due MONDAY next week.


  1. Hi

    How do we set up our novel study, do we do it as a book?


  2. An A4 booklet would be great as they will be going into our portfolios :-)

  3. I forgot that so now i remembered because dana asked because she forgot and now i remember
    (I mean yea and i mean yaya)