Friday, May 22, 2009

ALJ Podcast Task

One of our ALJ tasks which we will start this term, is to create a podcast on a high profile New Zealand crime / trial. The topics you will choose from will also include cyper crime and serious fraud cases. These cases have all been well publicised in the media. The cases have all been carefully chosen by your teacher as each case is unique in the history of the New Zealand Justice System.

To give you an idea of what you will be required to do, please view my podcast / slideshow on the David Bain case. I would like you to give me some constructive criticism on my efforts. Please comment using the PMI format. Plus, minus, interesting or improvement. Again, I'd like you view and comment by the end of the week.


  1. hey mr b

    cool podcast

    plus: gives u the main facts E.g when he got convicted etc. so anyone watching this who hasnt heard of david before will get a good understanding of who he is.

    Minus:not alot really. just some of the pics got cut off.

    Interesting: What i found interesting is that an ex all black joe karam wrote a book about the case discrediting the police.


  2. Hey mr b.

    That was podcast was freaky.

    Plus: It was interesting and gives you the main facts.

    Minus: Like Mitch said, some of the pics got cut off.

    Interesting: Ummm. I don't know. Really the whole thing as I'm not use to watching stuff like that. hehehe

  3. That was Brooke before this.

  4. Thanks Mitch and Brooke for your comments - much appreciated :)

  5. Shivin:

    I 've seen the David Bain movie.

    I think he's innocent

  6. Hi mr b

    I think that clip was awesome I found no mistakes

  7. Hay
    Cool Podcast
    The music was a bit weird though!!!!
    Plus: It was interesting and outlined all the basic facts about the trial
    Minus:The music and the pics weren't that good
    Interesting: Pretty much the whole thing

  8. Hey,

    Interesting movie!

    Interesting: their house was burnt the same year
    Plus: I don't really know about David Bain and it had good facts
    Minus: The pics got cut off

  9. Hay!!!!

    Cwl podcast

    And the beat is funky!=]

    H/W not so cwl......

    O Well. =]


  10. Hi Mr B!

    Watched the vid!

    + : It was very informative
    - : Nothing much but one pic was cut off from the sides
    Interesting : The lawyer was an All Black?!

  11. I've seen the podcast
    plus: the music was cool
    minus : the writing was a bit small
    interesting: the info that david bain was famous for his jerseys

  12. Hay its rebecca and I've watched it
    Plus: Loved the music and have a rough idea of what I need to do
    Minus: The writing was too small and some bits I didn't exactly get
    interesting: What the whole thing was about

  13. Hey.
    I have watched the video
    + It was interesting as it told you facts about the trial
    - Nothing really, the photos got cut off and thats all.
    ? That an ex AB wrote a book about him!

  14. I've seen the podcast
    plus: the music was cool
    minus : the writing was a bit small
    interesting: the info that david bain was famous for his jerseys

    btw "digital student" was me

    by 4 now > <

  15. Great Video!

    +: Very Interesting, great use of podcasting 101
    -: Not So Great Pictures ( Cut off )
    ¿: Did They Really Burn Down The Bain Family House!!!!

    Twiggy Out
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  16. Aron has seen this...
    P:fitting music
    M:lack details on what makes him not guilty
    I:the fact that someone would write a book about someone not related to themself for the sake of justice

  17. Hi Its Jasmeet (:
    I Have Watched The Video It Was Awesome (:
    P: It Was Interesting And Gave Alot Of Information And Facts.
    M: The Pictures Were Not So Good.
    I: Um.......The Whole Thing (:

  18. i watched the video

    and the song or beat is kinda creepy

    the pics were ok and there was lots of pic and info so that was ok bi.x

  19. that was very good but it was slow

  20. Aimee was here
    that was good but slow

  21. i hav seen the vid. lokks very kool

  22. I have watched the PMI! I like how you have matched the music to the topic.

  23. very nice it was very interesting

  24. P.S. this was from Bailey ( i forgot and im midget

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  26. Hay this is Karan and Rebecca. We have watched it and we also love the music

  27. Hay Mr B
    Ineresting Podcast Mr B :)
    But the verdict has now been said
    NOT GUILTY WooHoo!
    Im Pretty sure me and Bailey are going to do the Bruce Emery Case as i was interested in it. I mean why would a 40yr old man kill a 15yr old kid for tagging and then blame the kid for walking into the knife! Weird really but i think Bruce Emery killed him. But i do understand where the guy came from i mean i wouldnt want someone tagging or vandilising my propety!
    O Well
    Ive Got to go
    Peter :)