Friday, May 29, 2009

Week 6 (1 - 5 June) Reminders / Homework

Hi guys - Halfway through the term ...


• Cross Country Training this week, with the Year 8 Cross Country on Thursday Blk 3.
• Syndicate G will get to hear a motivational speaker on Tuesday Blk 3.
• ENVELOPES - must be stamped 50c stamps please !!!


• Learn your weekly spelling words.
• Complete any maths homework you have been given for this week.
• SCIENCE FAIR: See what is required for the 3rd week of science fair - consult your SF diary.
I'll be collecting all SF log books on Tuesday to see your progress.
• You MUST have your stamped ENVELOPES in ASAP!! Our focus for the short week will be on getting these posted out to companies. Well done to the few people who are at this stage. You will get priority in starting your ALJ Podcasts.