Saturday, May 23, 2009

Week 5 (25 - 29 May) Reminders / Homework

Reminders for the week:

• Bring back your ALJ permission slips, they were all DUE last Wednesday 20th May.
• Continue to bring in your 10 - 15 stamped envelopes for your letter writing to companies.
• Cross Country training - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - appropriate foot wear please.
• ICAS Computer Exam for Yr 8s is on Wednesday Blk 2.
• Short week for students - no school on Friday due to TOD

Homework for this week:

• Complete the activities for your second week of Science Fair. Refer to your science fair diaries for what is required. By now you should have a TOPIC and written an AIM for your investigation. All of your written work should be notated in your Science Fair Log books.
• Complete any Maths homework that your teacher has set you.
• Complete the bullying survey by the end of this week. See the post entitled "Bullying Survey" for further details.
• Complete a PMI on the ALJ Crime Podcast that I posted earlier. I would like this completed by Friday as well.
• Learn your spelling words for this week.